Wednesday, August 12, 2009


my english presentation....

this is de topic i wana share .....

Human begins are superstitious. Superstition is a kind of belief in magic and the supernatural. A belief or fear which has no sensible explanation. Are you a superstitions person? A person who claims that he is not is either a liar or a fool. We all do belief in certain things that do not have logical explanations. Especially in Malaysia, a multi-racial country of ours. Each community has its own pet beliefs. Today, I am going to touch on some of them.
Since we were young, we were always told by our parents we should not do this, should not do that or else we may offence the God and get punishment from the God. To those Malay girls, have you guys ever heard that you guys should not sing during cook? If not you will marry with a old man in the future. For Chinese, we cannot sweep the floor during Chinese New Year, if not the prosperous will be swept away. All of these sound ridiculous rite? But do you brave enough to challenge them?
I remember two years ago, I went to Cameron Highlands with my friends. One of them brought a camera there. We find some nice view and had our individual photographs taken first. Then we had group photographs. One of my friends insists that a group should not be of three persons. She said that misfortune will fall on one of the three if they have their photographs taken together. After that everyone avoided being in a group of three. I never heard of such thing before but after hearing it I did want to take the risk. It spoiled the fun a bit. Even photographs can be superstitions. I do not know how much truth there is in this illogical belief but I am not about to test it. Now you have about this, will you still have your photographs taken with other two peoples?
The number three is also a taboo among cigarette smokers. On occasions I have seen a group of people lighting up their cigarettes only to a maximum of two persons per lighted match. The light is invariably extinguished after two persons. Person number three will use a new match. This has got to do with the belief that tragedy will strike the third person who receives a lighted match. Well, here is another belief not to be challenged.
Superstition seems to be created from our aversion to bad luck and especially death. I know of a couple of friends who will never sleep with their feet facing the door. They tell me only corpses lie down with their feet facing the door. Soon they will be carried out through that door. So where do your feet facing when you sleep?
Some people consider it a bad omen to see a black cat. Yet others say that it is definitely bad to see a funeral in progress or to see a dead man. Some of the people avoid the number 13 like the plague. They will not sleep in room 13, or go to the 13th floor or have anything to do with the number 13. However others swear that 13 is their lucky number. As for me I tend to agree with the latter group.
Now that you have heard about some superstitions, do you believe them? If you do not will you be brave enough to challenge them? It takes a brave man to challenge any of them. I am not that brave.

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dis is wha im goin to talk about derin my eng presentation...
wish me LUCKS... =)

Monday, August 10, 2009


first of all, i wana say sorry for dint updates my blog for ages... yea yea, im a bit buzy... (busy + lazy= buzy) haha, u guys get to learn a new word today rite? haha =) lol.

as usual im busy with a 2 days camp at kampar,reports + assignmentssss, mid term test, *****d quiz n part time job. ohya, i get another new part time job as a promoter at supermarket....

hmmm, i worked as a promoter b4 but mostly are at PISA ,so this time goin to be a different a bit, which is de 1st time i work as a promoter in de supermarket.

so start with de kampar camp 1st...


i went to kampar attend dis 2 days xia xiang camp with my xxt members... this camp is organised by mr chong n his ppl thr. i hav to say a big TQ to them 1st, bcoz thy hav ready n serve us with nice food n nice place for us to sleep at nite. throught this camp, it let many of us hav a chance to meet up together again... coz those of us frm diff uni/coll... after last time CNY gathering at Ipoh, we hav months dint catch up d... so dis camp is a good chance for those xia xiang ren to meet up again n sharing their xia xiang's experiences. seriously, althought my cup is not full of water after dis camp but i guess everyone sure hav learnt sumthg after dis camp. frm a forum/ small group discussion we noe dat diff uni/ coll hav faced diff problem durin planning or organise a frm here we can learn how's oth ppl's handle their difficult situation n thn we gain experience frm thr.

*for more pic, can see it frm fb ^^v

31/7/2009 1,2/8/2009
six days.... i worked as a promoter in GHBB (giant) for 6 days...
selling shampoo at supermarket...
lolz. working as a promoter is really vry vry tired!! i hav to stand at my own counter for almost 10 hrs (after deduct de 2 hrs lunch n denner break time)
but then de pay is higher if compare with my current part time as data entry...
so wha to do, im desperate with money wha... so hav to work la... haha
haha... dis time i dint work for PC Fair, coz im exhausted after 2 weekends berturut turut work as a promoter... my battery dah flat la, so dis weekend im goin to recharge bettery.... n do sum revision coz dis cuming week am goin to hav a english presentation n a mid term test...
i got a gd news frm a frens dis morning. haha... due to de convo bz week, de test n presentation hav been postponed to 25/8. sum of de ppl seek it as a gd news as thy hav more time to study n prepare but sum said it is bad new... coz we still nid to suffer n study durin de mid term break... hahaha, as for me i tend to agree with de latter group... i dun wana study durin de break, i wan HOLIDAYS.... lolz
*to be continued...

Monday, June 22, 2009


上个星期我和yen, ricky,三人去了kl time square走走。。。
after lunch我们就在那里随便逛逛走走。。。